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HAZET 165-S, SmartCase-Tool Box
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HAZET 165-S, SmartCase-Tool Box

2946 руб.

Modern two-coloured design HAZET-BLUE® / black

  • Bottom of case with pull-out kickstand to prop-up the case, for fast and ergonomic tool access
  • Cover lid may be used as for deposit of tools and small parts
  • Tool case made of sturdy ABS rubber
  • Made In Germany

SmartCase tool box, empty, 183 x 153 x 52 mm
Suitable for all 2-component Safety-Insert-Systems (1/9) of the HAZET range

Артикул Наименование Weight цена наличие количество
165-S SmartCase-Tool Box 0,6 kg 2946.00 В наличии шт. В корзину