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HAZET 162C-01/2, Chain
В наличии

HAZET 162C-01/2, Chain

2171 руб.

  • Approx. 50% higher capacity than the preceding model
  • Table board with integrated beech wood board, replaceable
  • Intermediary containers suitable for HAZET plastic drawer inserts
  • With additional sliding tray, to be integrated into the intermediary containers, e.g. for caliper gauges and small parts
  • Spacious bottom container made of sheet steel
  • Big castors to level out uneven ground surfaces
  • Collapsible, lockable
  • Provided with wraparound protecting rubber strips
  • Made In Germany

Chain with locking of chain case

Артикул Наименование Weight цена наличие количество
162C-01/2 Chain 0,07 kg 2171.13 В наличии шт. В корзину